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Will it be possible to add new mathematical frameworks?

asked 2018-06-15 13:39:34 +0200

fjnieto gravatar image


Right now, the MSO4SC e-Infrastructure provides three mathematical frameworks (MADFs): Feel++, OPM and FEniCS. Is it possible to add new frameworks? Does the platform allow adding new ones to the marketplace? Would it be possible to have benchmarks with some of them?

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answered 2018-06-16 08:54:16 +0200

Hello, how do you define adding new mathematical frameworks?

If it means the possibility to use other frameworks, it is already possible today after installing/compiling your application together with your framework in a singularity image, and creating a tosca file for specifying the commands to execute it together with the parameters (the creator of the images should also check the licenses etc.)

If you mean other advanced tools like scripting with the framework from the portal, this can be done by modifying the open source MSO4SC-portal code.


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